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Earth day cycle of Hubei province launching ceremony was hel

  On the morning of April 19, the 46th "Cherishing resources, Protecting the earth" popular science knowledge of land and resources into the campus activities??2015 in Hubei province was?held in our school's YiFu Museum.The event was hosted by the Hubei province land and resources, our school and the geological survey, geological society of Hubei province, Hubei province and Wuhan geological survey center of China geological survey . Fauconnier, vice director of Hubei of Xu Zhenkun, director of our school headmaster Wang Yan new, vice President of Hao Fang, member of Chinese academy of sciences Hong-fu Yin, China geological survey geological survey, director of the center for Yao Hua boat, Hubei geological party member and deputy director of the Ma Yuan, Wuhan Hongshan district Dong Zuen, chairman of the association for science and technology as well as the Wuhan city mountain middle school teachers and students attended the launching ceremony.
    Wang Yan Xin said,during 63 years,our school always adhere to highlight the school characteristics, improve the discipline system, explorers of mystery, consciously take on roles of the earth knowledge disseminator, earth protection of participants.The use of the opportunity to carry out the world Earth Day activities, we arouse the public awareness that ?protecting their homes is a major responsibility of the school.School will further take advantage in the future educational practice, to promote the development and the coordinated development of environmental protection, the improvement of the earth's environment to provide a strong talent and technology support.
    Zephaniah delivered a speech.Cherish the earth's resources, he said, specially cherishing to protecting cultivated land resources, mineral resources, to ensure national food security and strategic interests.This needs to speed up the transformation of the mode of economic development and resource utilization way, continuously improve the efficiency of comprehensive utilization of resources, unswervingly resource saving, environment friendly green development path.Cherish the earth's resources, he said, we need universal participation, through the platform to the public dissemination of knowledge such as the World Earth Day.