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  About the institute

    Development and utilization of geothermal energy is the subject of national development in the field of energy and is an important way to solve the energy shortage, economic development and ecological imbalance and other issues. China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) has geology, geophysical exploration, geochemical exploration, chemical analysis of water, hydrogeology, environmental engineering geology and other disciplines advantage in development and utilization of the geothermal. In order to promote scientific utilization of geothermal resources, China University of Geosciences established the Geothermal Development Institute, aims to enhance the geothermal resources exploration and evaluation of geothermal resources planning and development, new ground source heat pump technology, geothermal hot springs integrated technology, refrigeration and heat conversion technology and other fields of scientific and technological strength, promote the formation of new disciplines growth for China's sustained development and utilization of geothermal resources and make greater contributions. "China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) Geothermal Development Institute" its predecessor is Beijing Geology Institute of Hydrogeology group, after years of development, the formation of the current high academic level interdisciplinary research institutions and integration.
    Advantages of the institute
    China University of Geosciences is a famous comprehensive university. The overall level of the relevant disciplines in the domestic front, some of the subjects reached the international level. The “geology” and “Mineral Resources and Geological Engineering”, two first grade displines, ranked first in similar disciplines at the overall level, academic team, scientific research, personnel training, academic reputation. It has become a cradle of culturing high-level personnel in geology, and is to undertake national and sectoral geoscience major research tasks and international exchange base. Research has developed a high level, and can quickly realize the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, by undertaking projects from all levels of the Institute, and cooperated with research institutes and medium-sized enterprises with the United Way, postgraduate training, international science and technology cooperation.
    Recent Institute research priorities
    Institute closely around the national energy conservation strategy and social needs of geothermal resources, relying on a number of countries and key disciplines in Hubei Province, to carry out exploration of geothermal resources and promote the application of the theory as the core of interdisciplinary. Geothermal monitoring and numerical simulation; geothermal exploration and evaluation theory, techniques and methods; focus on stratigraphy, lithology, tectonic, magmatic (volcanic) activity and other geological environment and regional hydrogeology of geothermal resources formation and distribution constraints and other scientific issues technology; scientific definition and classification spa; hot springs water quality and health care; the sustainable use of hot springs and scientific management; theory and method scenic Area planning; ground source heat pump technology.
    We have the confidence and ability to continue to take advantage of Earth Sciences, multidisciplinary, strong research base, a steady stream of human resources, advanced laboratory equipment and other aspects. And we will make the Institute become distinctive geothermal theoretical research base, the geothermal industry radiation base, geothermal training base.