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Exploration of Geothermal power generation technology——EGS

  EGS is the abbreviation of Enhanced geothermal power projects.Many countries digging the huge reserves of geothermal resources in hidden deep interior of the earth by the Geothermal energy exploit technology. Over the years, Heat Energy of China University of Geoscience has been committed to the development and application of EGS. Through using the advanced geothermal exploration technology and the mature geothermal drilling technology, constantly exploring the high grade energy in the depths of the earth.

    Entering the 21st century,environmental problems are influencing the adjustment of the world energy structure. Many countries has joined the Kyoto protocol, and insist to do the regulation of its Greenhouse gas emissions in the Kyoto protocol . Reducing the import of carbon energy.improving the utilization ratio of the clean energy, are  the essential to improving the problem of environmental pollution in the world. In addition to increasing the proportion of solar energy, wind energy, many countries are actively exploring the application of its geothermal resources in power generation field and developing the new technology of geothermal power generation, especially for the EGS system which can deep digging a large number of geothermal energy.
Geothermal power generation
    Heat Energy of China University of Geoscience consider that China is in the high-speed economic development stage, the demand for energy is huge. But at the same time,due to the high speed develop, ecological problems and environment pollution are becoming serious problems。Therefore, to solve this two problems, only by exploiting the new energy that rich and clean.

    According to the results of the high temperature geothermal resource exploration in China at the end of 2014, in terms of hot dry rock, China has been done the potential evaluation about the hot dry rock in the whole country,and the analysis of the region thermal structure, and has been done the hot dry rock drilling in qinghai province, the temperature of the 3000 meters deep borehole in the gonghe basin and the guide basin are 181 degrees and 149 degrees respectively. In addition,China also has been done the hot dry rock exploration and drilling on the southeast coast and the parts of inland。Through this sets of data, Heat Energy of China University of Geoscience consider that using the EGS system, performing the Enhanced geothermal power projects in China is feasible, and they can bring great breakthrough in geothermal power generation industry in the future.

Geothermal power generation
     Hubei Heat Energy of China University of Geoscience Technology Co.Ltd,has been committed to developing the geothermal energy, which is the clean and environmental protection green new energy Over this years, they relying on the most advanced geological scientific researches of China, through the research of geological geothermics and the geothermal exploration in all the country. in the field of geothermal power have mastered the most detailed and reliable first-hand information. At the same time, Hubei Heat Energy of China University of Geoscience Technology Co.Ltd has the professional excellent geothermal well drilling team, can flexibility to cope with all kinds of geological geothermal geological mining engineering problem, drilling technology and drilling experiences are rich, mature and reliable, and has many insurmountable advantages in Geothermal power generation which comparing with other peers.
     In recent years Heat Energy of China University of Geoscience has been throughed a wide range of technology and the accumulation of experiences, referred to successful cases of geothermal power generation at home and abroad, formulated scientific and reasonable geothermal power projects, involved in new energy development at home and abroad actively, and continued to push the development of deep geothermal energy , developed the EGS and other advanced technology research and application in geothermal development, to making the Heat Energy of China University of Geoscience is always located in the industry leading position, becoming the leader in the field of geothermal power generation.