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Heat Energy of China University of Geoscience went to Turkey

    In July 2015,Heat Energy of China University of Geoscience went to Turkey Manisa giving the argumentation and geothermal power generation technology exchange. Turkey is very rich in geothermal resources, the project area is located in the western Anatolia gaddy graben, belongs to the geothermal convection conduction type geothermal field. Geothermal power generation project is located in the Aegean sea regions, densely populated, surrounding areas a total of about tens of millions of population, geothermal power project ?has a very high economic value. And it will be started in the near future.

    Heat Energy of China University of Geoscience  through reading the original project report, consulting relevant literature, field investigation and visiting a geothermal power plant adjacent blocks experts and technical persons, with the comprehensive analysis, expert argumentation, the existed in the development of geothermal resources and geothermal well drilling project, power generation technology, political policy risk giving prompt, in thermal storage model, the process design of drilling process, power generation and related Suggestions are given. Through professional and pleasant communication, the project will be invited to big heat, full participation, and demonstrates the whole work of geothermal power generation technology.

    Our company regards  the "geothermal global service" as the idea, over the years commits to the geothermal development overall planning, actively promoting the efficient utilization of the geothermal energy, with geothermal exploration, geothermal resources development means such as geothermal well drilling, geothermal energy are widely used in the hot spring is planned, geothermal heating, geothermal power generation, geothermal agriculture geothermal projects. In recent years, our company gets in geothermal power generation project progress, on the basis of giving full play to the advantages of its own technology and equipment, and actively with the international market of geothermal, communicates geothermal exploitation and utilization of technology and investment and output, and actively explores the southeast Asia, the Middle East, north Africa and South America in the geothermal energy market.