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  Geothermal drilling free inquiry

    A. How to inquire geothermal drilling feasibility freely

    1. Provide the full address of The project area (or the latitude and longitude coordinates) and the early basic condition of survey and exploration, then put forward the inquirey requirements to the Heat Energy of China University of Geoscience.

    2. After the Heat Energy of China University of Geoscience. received the inquiry requirements, then obtained relevant regional geological data from the China university of geosciences library and archives , to cooperate with the Hot spring project of Heat Energy of China University of Geoscience’s, the geothermal drilling database, as well as the preliminary exploration results, and organize the geothermal experts, to analyzed the geothermal geological background and potential of geothermal resources metallogenic conditions of The project area , and scientificly evaluated the early stage of the project area exploration results,then received the preliminary conclusion: the project area whether exist the developable hot springs geothermal resources, whether can immediately carry out geothermal well drilling, whether need to add other exploration works, geothermal well drilling risk assessment, the geothermal mineralization types and further work advice of the project area, etc.

    3. Heat Energy of China University of Geoscience send the results back to the client in the prescribed time.

    B. The datebase composition and content of the Heat Energy of China University of Geoscience

    1. The geothermal hot springs project library and the national geothermal well drilling project database. the Heat Energy of China University of Geoscience ‘s database integrated with which the Heat Energy of China University of Geoscience has been involved in geothermal exploration and development projects and scientific analysis and research of key geothermal projects both at home and abroad, project libraries had analysied comprehensively of different regional metallogenic types and ore-forming regularity of hot springs, hot springs, means of exploration and drilling technology, exploitation of hot spring and hot spring resources evaluation and so on.

    2. The detail data, comprehensive and fruitful of China university of geosciences national geological data archives.

    3. the Heat Energy of China University of Geoscience depends on the China university of geosciences, has accumulated decades of advanced comprehensive geological research and technology and strong technical force of the nation's geothermal project team, and cultivated a large number of experienced geothermal exploration technical personnel.

    C. Geothermal resource type and classification

    According to the genetic types of geothermal resources could be divided into two types: volcanic type and fracture type. The earth's crust shallow of the volcanic Type hot springs has strong volcanic or magma heat source,the hot springs are high-temperature hot springs or boiling spring. Disjunctive hot spring mainly controlled by fault action within the area, the hot springs are commonly Medium temperaturet hot springs.

    Hot springs geothermal resources can be divided by temperature in the high temperature , moderate temperature and low temperature ,see the table below.

    4. The basic types of geothermal well drilling