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Power generation technology

Heat Pump System

   The system is composed of geothermal heat exchange system, air condition system and tail end system. With scientific design, this heat pump system can reduce running cost, save energy and improve efficiency.

    Energy-saving design:

    (1) Design principles for saving energy

    (2) Implementation of energy-saving process.

    (3) Economic indicators of energy-saving

    Energy-saving measures:

    (1)Technical measures. In productive technologies, power, building, water supply and drainage, heating & ventilation and air-condition, illumination, control, electric and so on. These include energy-saving new technologies, new techniques and new equipment. Recycling afterheat, over bottom pressure and flammable gas, building retaining structure and heat insulation, comprehensive utilization of resources and utilization of new energy and renewable energy are also included.

    (2) Management measures. Systems and measures, organization and personnel for energy management, energy statistics and monitor, and measuring instrument configuration, and so on.

    (3) Efficiency evaluation. Through the international and domestic comparison of energy conservation evaluation, energy consumption per unit product (/per building area), energy consumption of main procedure(/technique) and energy consumption of per investment, judge if the design target is domestically advanced or internationally advanced in the same industry.

    (4) Economy evaluation. Evaluate and estimate the cost and economic benefit of energy-saving technologies and management measures.