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Exclusive geothermal resource (hot spring) geological database

After years of development, Geothermal Energy has conducted extensive research on the distribution status of geothermal (hot springs) and its mineralization laws on a global scale, especially in China, and conducted in-depth field investigations and researches on hot springs across the country. Series of fruitful results. On this basis, a global geothermal resource utilization and resource analysis database and a national geothermal resource (hot spring) project database have been established. The database covers typical cases of geothermal development at home and abroad, and comprehensively analyzes the mineralization types and laws of geothermal (hot springs) in different regions, exploration methods and drilling techniques, resource evaluation, etc., and provides a point-to-point rapid resource prediction. Provide effective support for grade, positioning drilling location, design and development plan.

    Figure 1 Distribution of China's geothermal resources

                               Figure 2 Distribution of geothermal resources in the world