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Global project implementation and management experience

With its own advantages in the investment and development of resources and new energy, as well as a strong technology research and development team, Geothermal Energy has established itself with leading energy-related government agencies, enterprises and institutions, real estate, energy and minerals and other leading enterprises in many regions of the country. It has established a long-term and good cooperative relationship. It serves geothermal energy development projects such as geothermal resource exploration, geothermal hot spring drilling construction, geothermal power generation technical services, and geothermal heating, covering 18 provinces and cities across the country, nearly 50 counties and cities, and implementing geothermal resource exploration And more than 200 later resource utilization service projects; in addition, it participated in more than 20 geothermal power generation projects in Southeast Asia, East Africa, Eastern Europe and other countries and regions, and achieved good economic and social benefits.