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Geothermal energy high-tech achievement industrialization base

Geothermal Energy signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the School of Geophysics and Space Information, China University of Geosciences, and established a geothermal engineering research center. Signed a strategic creation agreement with the School of Engineering, China University of Geosciences, and established a geothermal exploration and mining research center. The company cooperated with the School of Resources of China University of Geosciences to establish a production-study-research base. The company cooperated with China University of Geosciences and Hubei Tianyu Lake Ecological Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd. to establish a training base for practical teaching and innovative talents in geothermal development and utilization. Continuously transform the results of geothermal scientific research into industry, and realize the industrialization of scientific research results.
At the same time, Geothermal Energy relies on the Geothermal Development Research Institute of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) to conduct research and research on geothermal energy exploration, development, and utilization technologies, and has achieved a series of scientific research results, and has transformed relevant scientific and technological results into geothermal development technology. . like:
Digital geological survey of shallow geothermal energy: serving the field of shallow geothermal resource exploration
Deep comprehensive exploration and research of earth minerals: serving the fields of geothermal resource exploration and mineral development
Geological process simulation experiment: serving the fields of thermal storage engineering, geological disaster research, geo-tourism, etc.
Research on the geological model of the mine field: serving the research field of resource exploration
Dynamic monitoring of groundwater: serving geothermal applications such as hot spring development
Research on 3D Numerical Simulation System of Groundwater: Serving the application fields of geothermal heating, power generation and geothermal
Research on three-dimensional simulation and prediction methods of water level and water quality in mining wells: serving the fields of geothermal drilling and hot spring management
Numerical Simulation Research on the Optimal Combination of Pumping and Recharging of Groundwater Source Heat Pumps: Serving the Field of Ground Source Heat Pumps
Research on the integrated system of green and energy-saving buildings: serving the fields of energy-saving buildings and ground source heat pumps
Research on terminal technology and equipment of smart buildings: serving the field of ground source heat pumps and comprehensive utilization of geothermal energy
Deep horizontal drilling technology research: serving the field of hot dry rock power generation
Research on the economic utilization model of geothermal power generation: serving the field of geothermal power generation