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Geothermal exploration

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DDHE offers free consultations on geothermal power
    The clients provides detailed address (or latitude and longitude coordinates) of geothermal power generation project area and basic conditions of pre-investigation or exploration to DDHE, and ask for consultations;

    After receiving counseling, DDHE will obtain geological dates related to the region from China University of Geosciences Museum and Archives. Then, experts in geothermal power generation will be organized, which analysis the geological background and the potential of geothermal resources. Furthermore, the clients will be told the possibility of the existence of exploitable geothermal power resources and the conditions of relative systems or benefit assessments with geothermal power generation. DDHE will provide these results free to the clients within the agreed time as feedback.
    DDHE’ database of geothermal power generation
    Geothermal power generation project library integrated the projects that DDHE has participated and the scientific analysis on CUG’ highlighted geothermal power generation national project. The project library has a comprehensive analysis about distribution of different regions’ geothermal resources, storage form of different geothermal resources, establish of geothermal power generation system and benefit assessments with geothermal power generation. Chinese University of Geoscience National geological data archives is informative, comprehensive information and fruitful. Relying on China University of Geosciences, DDHE has accumulated decades of advanced,  comprehensive, national geological scientific research and technology, and has a technical force of geothermal power generation project team.
    How to proceed geothermal power generation projects correctly
    In order to primarily analyze the possibility of the existence of exploitable geothermal resources and the geothermal well drilling program in geothermal power generation project, some things are needed for proceed a project: collecting relevant geological data, such as terrain, geological and hydrogeological data and stratigraphic, structural information of the project area under the premise of understanding of the purpose of the project; through geological environment surveys in the project area and physical parameters analysis, combined with project tasks and project area surface conditions, we can establish a theoretical framework related geological model and the form of underground heat storage in the project area of geothermal resources. Then, systems’ models and benefit assessments with geothermal power generation will be built reasonably.